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SD Card Upgrade

Upgrade Steps
This product is not provided for the SD card upgrade package.


This product is not provided for the Software

Product Manuals


We provide various of software version upgrade methods as follows, and you can choose any method that you need.
1.SD card upgrade;
2.FOTA update;
Note: As for SD card upgrade , please log in official ZTE handset service support website, please refer to the latest information on website to check whether the model supports software version upgrade and support method
English website: http://wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/,after logged in website, please choose the country to view the related documents. As for fota upgrade, please consult the local operator;
As the system of smart phone is more powerful, it is similar to computer with stronger network function and all kinds of applications , therefore, compared with the feature phone, the smart phone consumes more power, especially when connecting the mobile phone with network, the network traffic between mobile phone and network produces, which affects the standby time.
Besides, the standby time of mobile phone is also related to network signal condition , when the signal is weak, the mobile phone needs to consume more electricity to search for signal so that the mobile phone can be used. To sum up, the standby time of Smart phone depends on many factors, such as signal strength, network applications, game applications, navigation and so on.
You can save the power and extend the standby time with the following settings:
1.You can disable GPS function;
The operation is: settings-Location (OFF).
2.You can disable the data connection function if you don't need to log in Internet;
The operation is: settings-Wi-Fi tap OFF.
The operation is: settings-Bluetooth tap OFF.
3.You also can save more power and release more memory as well as promote running speed of program by disabling the applications which you don't use.
Such problems may be caused by the fault of third party software, you can restore factory settings first. Press Menu--settings--Backup &reset--Factory data reset. If the faults still happen, please upgrade software version.
Note: Before implement factory data reset,please use "Backup&restore"application to backup your user data.
1. Hold the "Volume up key" and "Power key" at same time to enter into recovery mode.Select "wipe data/factory reset" to restore factory settings, this method will erase the user information also;
2.If the user cannot manager by their own, please contact local ASC to unlock.
To enable data business:
Menu key-System settings-WIRELESS&NETWORKS-More-Mobile networks-Data enabled. Settings:
【Network operator】: Please choose your network operator. It depends on your SIM/UIMS card.
【Access point name】: Please choose the access point name of your operator.
Note:Enabling【Data】will produce network traffic, which will shorten the battery life. You also need to pay to your telecomm business provider.
Please refer to following operations to use WLAN (WiFi):
1.Enter into settings-->Wireless&Network-->WLAN (WiFi) tap ON
2.Enter into Wi-Fi , tap SCAN ,the mobile phone automatically starts to search for WLAN (WiFi) signal until the signal appears ;
3.Click the target that you need to connect with;
4.Please input correct password if the password is needed;
5.When the mobile phone is connected and WLAN (WiFi) icon appears on the place where shows the signal and battery power, you can use WLAN (WiFi) to log in Internet.
There are two ways to share the Internet with compatible device; One is to share via USB, the other is to use device as portable Wi-Fi wireless base station.
Please make sure your mobile phone has available mobile data connection so that you can use these functions.
1.USB tethering
To share Internet with computer via USB, please connect mobile phone to computer via the attached USB data cable and enable the data connection. settings-Wireless & networks-More-Tethering & portable hotspot tap ON 【USB tethering】, then the mobile phone will start to share the Internet connection with computer.
To stop the Internet connection, please cancel selecting USB data connection, or you can just disconnect mobile phone and computer.
(Please log in the following website for more details about USB tethering: http://www.android.com/tether#usb)
2. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
To share Internet with the device which has Wi-Fi function, please make sure the data business of device is enabled . settings-Wireless & Network-More-Tethering & portable hotspot tap ON for【Portable Wi-Fi hotspot】. To change the network name and protect connection security, please click【Configure Wi-Fi hotspot 】to finish the setting, then mobile phone will broadcast out the WLAN network name for other connections.
To stop sharing Internet connection, please tap OFF of 【Portable Wi-Fi hotspot】
(You can log in following website for more details about USB tethering: http://www.android.com/tether#wifi)
Note 1:The mobile phone should has Internet connection (GPRS/3G),which will shorten the battery life. You may need to pay GPRS/3G fee.
Generally there are two ways to instAll Apps in Micro SD card:
When you finished installing applications which are downloaded from 【Play Store】, the default installation directory of this software is in RAM of mobile phone instead of MicroSD card, please move this application to MicroSD card with the following operations:Settings-device-Apps-choose the newly installed application-implement"Move to SD card".

Note 1: Not all applications can be moved to SD card;
Note 2: After the application is moved to SD card, there will still be few program files left on RAM of mobile phone.
Note 3: With regard to the third party PC software, please contact software supplier for more details.

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