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SD Card Upgrade

Upgrade Steps


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We provide various of software version upgrade methods as follows, and you can choose any method that you need.
1.SD card upgrade;
2.FOTA update;
Note: As for SD card upgrade , please log in official ZTE handset service support website, please refer to the latest information on website to check whether the model supports software version upgrade and support method

English website: http://wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/mobile/,after logged in website, please choose the country to view the related documents. As for fota upgrade, please consult the local operator.
You can restore factory settings to get back in but this will erase all of your data. To do this, power off your phone ==> Press the power key and volume up key at the same time ==> Press the down volume key to move the highlight to "wipe data/factory reset" ==> Press the power key to select it ==> Move the highlight to yes with the down volume key ==> Press the power key to "OK".
1. Such issues may be caused by third party application software that has been downloaded to the phone. Try uninstalling those applications to see if this improves your device's performance.
2. If the phone can be turned on, you can attempt to restore factory settings. Please note that doing so will delete all of your end user data so first back up your data if possible. Settings ==> Backup & reset ==> Factory data reset.
If the phone can't be powered on, please try to go into Recovery mode by pressing the volume up key and the power key simultaneously. Then choose wipe data/factory reset to erase your data.
3. If the issue persists, please attempt to upgrade the software or call the ZTE Support Hotline for further assistance.
For android mobile phone, when you check the storage of mobile phone in Task Manager, you will find that the available memory is not the same with the nominal memory, which caused much confusion for users. In fact, one reason for this problem is that the operating system of android has occupied 100M space of ROM. As the version of operating system is different, the actual occupation is also different. Besides, the space occupied by the software version also varies for different situations.
1. If the phone won't power on, charge the phone.
2. If the phone suffered physical damage, call ZTE Support.
Symptom: Phone can find the WiFi signal but can't connect to it.
1. Make sure the phone is in the range of the WiFi.
2. Try turning WiFi off and then back on.
3. Be sure you are entering the correct password.
4. Turn the router off and back on, then reconnect the phone to it.
5. In Settings, look at the status under About phone to check whether there is a valid MAC address. If not, please call ZTE for help.
If the problem persists, please call the ZTE Support Hotline for further assistance.
1. Check the available storage and uninstall some rarely used apps.
2. Check if there is any error in the installation package. You can also try to intall it in another phone.
3. Check the application version. An older app may not be compatible with Android 4.0 or higher.
4.Open "Security" in Settings and put a check in the checkbox next to "Unknown sources" to allow installation of apps from places other than the Play Store.
If the problem persists, please call the ZTE Support Hotline for further assistance.
These issues can cause an unresponsive phone:
- If the phone freezes when a certain app is running, uninstall the app and reinstall it.
- Too many installed apps can also cause this. Check available memory:
1. Use the menu button at the lower right of the phone to choose Settings ==> Storage.
If the value of Available is low, the phone is reaching its maximum capacity. Consider moving some apps to the SD card.
- Be sure the phone is backed up and restart it. You can restart it with a Google account:
1. Choose Settings ==> Backup & reset.
2. Make sure Back up my data is checked.
3. Touch the Gmail icon to sync the phone to a Google account.
If the problem persists, call ZTE Support.

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